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The 15 Reactions We Will All Have When Scandal Returns Tomorrow

Scandal is back for Season 4. We must prepare for this fateful day of racing hearts, peeing our pants, screaming fits, and uncontrollable rage due the inevitable unknowns to come in the season premiere. Gladiators, let us prepare.

bumblebee3 • 4 years ago

A Tear-Jerking Ice Bucket Challenge

This 27 year-old man has ALS. His mom has it, his grandma too. He believes dumping water doesn't do quite enough to spread awareness for his community. So he dumps the water on himself but also takes us inside his life -- the life of a young man with ALS.

bumblebee3 • 5 years ago

16 Reasons Why Rose Byrne Is On Her Way To Comedic Stardom

The new movie 'Neighbors' proves that Rose Byrne is next best thing in comedy.

bumblebee3 • 5 years ago

Nine Lakes For Summer 2014 (#1 Must Be On Your Bucket List)

Summer is a time for adventure. For those on the coasts that means going to the beach. But for the inland-ers that means you'll be hitting the hiking trails and (more favorably) the lakes! Here's a countdown of the best 5 lakes for camping, floating, sporting, and all the rest this summer.

bumblebee3 • 5 years ago

The 10 Stages Of 12+ Hour Flights

Summer vaca' is upon us and for those embarking on the long flights around the world, let us prepare for the 10 stages of long-haul travel.

bumblebee3 • 5 years ago