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    • nickp32

      Via — The key issue is that hot dogs and hot dog buns are made and sold by completely different companies. Bakers and meat-part-conglomeraters have different equipment and different areas of expertise and do most of their business in their own little worlds, without ever having to talk to each other.
      For example, at some time in the past, someone madeabaking pan with room for eight rolls, soldabunch to their baking friends and before anyone noticed what happened, there was an industry standard. Once those standards form, they’re hard to break out of. All your recipes and racks and ovens are sized for eight-roll pans. Changing out of that isareal hassle.
      Meanwhile, in the probably-much-less-pleasant-smelling past of the meat-parts industry, someone decided that 10 hot dogs wasanice round number to make out ofapound of meat parts, and their competitors followed suit.Anew, completely independent standard had formed, which was also hard to break out of. Yes they could change their product to start making eight hot dogs per pound. But think about how that would look on the shelf. Although this would be the same weight of meat parts, it’d look like they were only selling eight hot dogs when their competitors were selling 10; the difference in size would be tough to distinguish. The standard stuck, and dads everywhere were left doomed to their lives of bitter frustration.

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