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Under The Dome

One of North Carolina's most recent television productions was 'Under The Dome' which was filmed primarily in Wilmington.

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About The Show


I discussed in my last blog about a movie being filmed in North Carolina. I wanted to change it up a bit and discuss a television show that was filmed in North Carolina. The show ‘Under the Dome’ premiered on CBS in 2013 and ended in 2015. This show was filmed in downtown Wilmington, where the majority of films and television series are filmed at. ‘Under the Dome’ is based off a popular Stephen King novel. This show is about a small town in Maine that all of the sudden is trapped by a dome. The people of the town try to maintain some order and also find out what this dome is. This show was created by Brian K. Vaughan and the show runner and executive producer of this show was Neal Baer. Stephen Spielberg was also an executive producer of the show, who has directed several movies including the Indiana Jones trilogy and ‘Jurassic Park’ This show starred Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre and most notably Dean Norris, who starred in the hit television series ‘Breaking Bad’. When ‘Under the Dome’ premiered it was an instant hit and it broke the record of the most watched television series on CBS. For more about this show check out the link to the IMDb page

Location of the film

Even though the television show ‘Under the Dome’ was set in Chester’s Mill, Maine the actual film location of the show was mostly in Wilmington, North Carolina. In addition to Wilmington the show was also filmed in Southport and Burgaw which are also towns in North Carolina and in the surrounding area of Wilmington. Wilmington is home to several television and movie productions including Iron Man 3, One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek. Downton Wilmington is where most of the show was filmed and throughout the show you saw similar store names in Wilmington that were also used in the show including Britt’s Donut Shop. In Wilmington there is actually a tour called the Hollywood Location Walk, where you will be shown all the locations of television and movie productions in Wilmington, along with several mentions of ‘Under the Dome’. If you get a chance you should check out Wilmington and go on the tour. It’s not only a beautiful place, but filled with film and television production history.

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