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Trailblazer Studios

I've mainly been focusing on movies and television shows that have been filmed in North Carolina. I want to talk about one of the most successful production companies in North Carolina that have produced the movies and television shows that have been done here.

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About Trailblazer Studios


Trailblazers Studios is a video production company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. This studio has other studio locations in big markets including New York, Miami and even Los Angeles. With Raleigh being the smallest city for this studio location, it’s very vital to a lot of the video production that goes on in North Carolina. Trailblazers studios is a Emmy award winning company that has produced over 1,000 television shows, including several movies, commercials and other video productions. This studio in particular provides video production, post production and a sound studio as well. They have their own producers, directors, sound operators and other video producing cast. Trailblazer studios is unique because they only want to produce their own original ideas. A lot what you see in North Carolina from commercials, television shows and local movies were most likely produced by Trailblazer studios. They combine their original ideas and a great team to create a great product. For more information on their company check out their website

Trailblazer Studios Work

Like I mentioned earlier, Trailblazer Studios has produced more than 1,000 television shows. Many of those shows being produced on major television networks such as PBS, HGTV, TLC, HBO and streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix. With those being major television networks and streaming services, Trailblazer studios works with the best of the best. They are very well versatile as well and have produced movies and commercials. Most notably they have done PBS specials such as “A Year in Space”, movie documentaries such as “Olympic Pride American Prejudice” and award winning documentary “Overburden” and commercials for Florida Natural orange juice and many more. The list goes on and on with all the video entertainment they have produced. They have also produced movie and video awards such as Sundance and the BET awards. Trailblazer Studios is very accomplished and one of the top video production studios here in North Carolina.

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