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Dawson's Creek

After discussing about a production company last week, I want to throw it back with one North Carolina's most famous shows, Dawson's Creek.

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About the Show

Dawson's Creek was a drama series on The WB that ran for six seasons from 1998-2003. The show was supposed to be set in Massachusetts, but the show was actually shot in Wilmington, North Carolina. The show followed a group of friends in their high school and college kids in Capside, Massachusetts. The show was created by Kevin Williamson, who also has created other popular shows like, “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Following”. He has also written screenplays for “Scream 2” and “Scream 4”. Dawson’s Creek starred James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams. Most notably Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams went on and became movie stars. Katie Holmes most notably played Rachel in “Batman Begins” and was the ex-wife of Tom Cruise. Michelle Williams is considered one of the most talented actresses and was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress in “Manchester by the Sea” this past year. Dawson’s Creek was one of the most popular television series of all time and was named the 90’s best show in Entertainment Weekly’s “New TV Classics”. For more information on the show check out the IMDb page

About the filming location

Dawson’s Creek was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. This is one of the most famous shows that was filmed in North Carolina and there is lengthy list of television shows and movies that were in North Carolina. The show like a lot of television shows and movies filmed in North Carolina were shot in downtown Wilmington. It was also shot in various homes by the beach. Most notably the Leery’s house in the show, offers tours for people to come and in look at. There is also a Dawson’s Creek Tour where you can get a whole tour of all the filming locations of the show. If you are ever in Wilmington and need something to do to do, you should defiantly check out the Dawson’s Creek tour.

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