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    How To Choose A Fidget Spinner

    Check out some tips for you on how to choose the most suitable fidget spinner and what to look out for.

    You might noticed the craze around fidget spinners that started recently. If you like it and want to buy one, here is a short guide on how to choose.

    Spinners can vary in price from a couple of bucks to a few hundred. The main distinguishing factors are the following:

    • The material of the body

    • The material of the bearing for the center axis

    • The shape/design

    • The brand

    The material

    Cheap models are usually made of plastic and cost around 2-7 dollars. Mid-range models are made of wood, high-quality plastic or metal, and cost from 7 to 25 dollars. Expensive models are most often made of metal, and can cost from 30 to several hundred bucks.

    The material of the bearing for the center axis

    Top-of-the-line spinners have a ceramic bearing for their center axis. These bearings can be more fragile, due to being made of ceramic material, but they are hardy and, when used normally, can last for a long time. What is more, bearings from ceramic material have a smoother spin and they do not expand under the influence of heat. Steel bearings are also a good choice, but they won’t give you the same spin duration. Ceramic bearings are available in several types: Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) bearings, the least expensive type, and Silicone Nitride (Si3N4). The Zirconium Oxide ones spin longer than the steel bearings, but the Silicone Nitride ones give you the best spin length.

    The shape/design

    There are very many different designs available for spinners. Here it all depends on your subjective preferences - the spinner should appeal to you visually, and it should be comfortable to use. Usually all spinners are comfortable enough, except for the very bulky ones.

    The brand

    This factor is important if you choose an expensive spinner that costs more than 30$. Here it is crucial to make sure that you are getting the original product and not a counterfeit one. For instance, in the case of the Fidget Cube, fakes were already being actively sold on Amazon before it was even officially available for sale. Currently, the most well-known expensive brands are TI-EDC, Torqbar and Rotablade.

    You might find more tips and tricks on a fidget spinner on fidget spinners community.

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