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What Happened To The Actors Who Played Cavin On "The Gummi Bears"?

The Gummi Bears' young human friend Cavin was voiced by five different actors. So where are they now?

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Christian Jacobs (Season 1)

Disney/Phoenix New Times/Nickelodeon / Via

Then: As a child actor, Jacobs starred as Joey on the All in the Family spin-off Gloria and was the boy in the record store in Pretty in Pink. (You might also remember him as Gremic from the Christian Slater skateboarding flick Gleaming the Cube.) Jacobs voiced Cavin during the first season of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears.

Now: Today you know him best as the cocreator of Yo Gabba Gabba! and MC Bat Commander on The Aquabats! Super Show! Jacobs has been performing with his superhero-themed band The Aquabats since 1994.

Brett Johnson (Season 2)

Then: In addition to portraying Cavin in season two of Gummi Bears, Johnson sighed "Good Grief!" as the voice of Charlie Brown on The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show and the classic Peanuts specials Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown and It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown. The latter features Snoopy and Franklin breakdancing at a nightclub. (We're not kidding.) It also breaks a basic Peanuts rule by showing grown-ups.

Now: Johnson seemingly left the biz in 1989 following a stint on the sitcom Small Wonder. His last voiceover credit is on a show called Argo's Cartoon Connection. If you have any info on what he's doing now, let us know!

David Faustino (Season 3) / Via Wikimedia

Then: Besides voicing Cavin for one season, Faustino was an in-demand child actor on shows like Family Ties and St. Elsewhere. But you probably know him best as Bud Bundy from Married...with Children.

In recent years. Faustino has spoofed his child star days on Entourage and in his Web series Star-ving. He's returned to voice acting of late, lending a little Bud Bundy magic to the parts of Mako on The Legend of Korra and Dagur on Dragons: Riders of Berk.

Jason Marsden (Seasons 4-5)


Then: Marsden voiced Cavin during the fourth through sixth seasons of Gummi Bears. A profilic young actor, Marsden had roles in everything from The Munsters Today to Boy Meets World. He was also the voice of Max Goof in Disney's Goofy movies.

Now: Marsden continues to be one of the most sought after voice actors in the animation business. He currently plays Aye-Aye on The Legend of Korra and has lent his pipes to Mad and Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters.

R.J. Williams (Season 6) / Via Young Hollywood

Then: Disney Afternoon fans might recognize Williams' voice from his role as Kit Cloudkicker on Talespin.

Now: Williams parlayed his child acting days into a successful business, launching the popular media company Young Hollywood in 2007. (Their YouTube page currently has over 120,000 subscribers.) What's the secret to his success? Probably all the Gummiberry juice.

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