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The Best Of The First Day Of School

Grab your pens, books and bag and kiss summer goodbye.

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1. You plan to get up early to get to school early for the big first day.

2. But you're dead tired in the morning anyway.

3. And you realize that it's Monday.

4. At least you got a stylish bag!

5. You show up ready to hit class.

6. Nothing in your way this year!

7. Except your crazy professor(s)

8. Who ask what you did all summer.

9. And there's always a suck up.

10. Finally you get to your advanced classes but you realize something.

11. You're totally lost.

12. But all classes have an end bell.

13. So you can go home and start your mounds of work!

14. Until enough is enough.

15. And you do it again the next day!

16. So welcome back to...

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