20 Reasons Romeo Beckham Is The Best Celebrity Child Of All Time

Romeo Beckham oozes cool and puts all other celebrity children to shame… Sorry Blue Ivy.

This is Romeo Beckham… and he’s the coolest celebrity kid ever.

Here’s why…

1. This is his mum and dad and they’re quite possibly the most beautiful celebrity couple on the planet.

2. Even though they once wore this outfit, we can all look back and think “yeah, but they actually totally rocked it”.

The outfit was so bad it was made into a waxwork at the notoriously bad Louis Tussauds House of Wax… 2 wrongs make a right.

3. But anyway, his parents are still completely in love so it’s all good.

Obviously still being in love with each other is made easier by the fact they are both drop dead gorgeous.

4. He recently got morphed into fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld and it was completely adorable and made Victoria Beckham literally LOL.

5. Despite being only 10 years old, he just so happens to be a Burberry model. No big deal.

6. He was totally casual about it though and just cracked jokes with Christopher Bailey like they were old friends.

7. And completely stole the limelight from the other Burberry models.

8. Even Cara Delevingne couldn’t keep up. I mean you probably didn’t even notice it was her because Romeo literally STEALS YOUR ATTENTION.

9. He’s also totally loyal to the brands he represents even when he’s just out and about.

10. Basically Romeo Beckham’s Burberry shoot was the best thing ever and also has a really good soundtrack. But you don’t really hear anything when you watch it because all you can think is “OMG how is this kid so cool?!”

11. He knows when an occasion calls for a suit, and accessorises to perfection.

12. But also knows when it’s fine to have a chilled, dress-down day… But never let’s his accessorising slip.

13. But whatever he’s doing, wherever he’s going… He’s ALWAYS working it.

14. He’s totally like “LOL Dad played for Man Utd so I’m gonna wear an Arsenal kit”.

15. He’s also a really great brother and is just like “don’t worry mum, I’ve got this.”

16. He’s already a perfect gentleman and will bring you flowers if you’ve had a tough day.

17. He was born on September 1st which means he’ll be the oldest kid in class. That’s a pretty big deal when you’re a child and automatically makes him cool.

18. He 100% knows how cool he is and is just like “yeah, that’s my face on my iPhone… so what?”

19. One day he’ll grow up and marry his own Juliet, and it will be the best and most stylish celebrity wedding that ever existed. Move over mum and dad.

20. So basically we should all bow down to this super cool kid and just be like “man, that boy has swag.”

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