Nicki Minaj gossip and news for the hottest new female hip hop artist since Lil Kim! Check out the Nicki Minaj booty section!
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  • Nicki Minaj Leaked Video Tape?

    Does Nicki Minaj have a leaked sex tape out there? Rumors have been strong on the web for a few months now, and we’re very curious if even Nicki Minaj has a sexy tape out there? Tila Tequila is the latest celeb to grab the attention of the web with her sextape debut, maybe we’ll see Nicki Minaj Uncorked next??

  • Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj (real name Onika Maraj) is a 26 year old Trinidad born music artist. She lived there with her grandma until moving to Queens, New York at age 5. Minaj has been very open about the abuse she experienced as a child living with a father who abused alcohol, drugs, and attempted to kill her mother in a house fire. She’s said that during these difficult times she turned to music to help her cope. Growing up Minaj once worked at a Red Lobster and graduated from the performing arts La Guardia High School.

  • Lil Kim Jealous of Nicki Minaj

    With Nicki Minaj hitting number one on the charts, the first female to do so since Eve in ‘99… somebody has to be jealous. And it looks like Lil Kim is it. Kim has her new album cover and it’s pretty spicy stuff! Nicki probably has the natural talent though; if Lil Kim had it, she would have done it up by now! With the booty that Nicki is rockin’, we’re not surprised she has hit the top of the charts alongside Kanye and others.

  • Nicki Minaj On SNL

    The wild and wacky Nicki Minaj showed off her funny side as she was this weekend’s music guest on the hit show Saturday Night Live. She also went a step further and acted in some of the skits as well as singing a few of her hits. She made the audience laugh as she played the role of ‘the bride of blackenstein’, and they even incorporated her sexy booty into the skit. Her performances and costumes were outrageous as usual, but the star sounded fantastic as she sang a couple of her hit songs and took part in a funny SNL short music video. The star was rockin’ her Marge Simpson-esque hair style, along with her signature hot pink lips and funky facial expressions.

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