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17 "Harry Potter" Frames You Can Practically Hear

I don't know how, but you can hear these pictures.

If you can practically hear the picture below and love the Harry Potter movies, you're going to LOVE this list.

The opening intro scene from the Lion King cartoon
Walt Disney Pictures

Let's see if all you Potterheads out there can actually "hear" these pictures!

1. I'm a what now?

Hagrid from the first movie telling Harry something he's never heard before
Warner Bros.

2. We all know what Hermione is explaining here, don't we?

Hermione teaching Ron how to pronounce a certain charm we all know and love
Warner Bros.

3. Poor Neville

Neville hanging from the Defense Against the Dark Arts chandelier surrounded by Pixies
Warner Bros.

4. Harry made Dobby really happy here!

Dobby by Lucius Malfoy's side looking at Harry Potter with a lot of love
Warner Bros.

5. Which page again?

Snape looking down at Harry Potter telling him to turn to a certain page
Warner Bros.

6. This map from the Marauders really came in handy!

Fred and George teach Harry how to use the Marauders map
Warner Bros.

7. Dumbledore asked him "calmly."

Dumbledore screaming in Harry's face
Warner Bros.

8. Who are you gonna tell, Malfoy?

Malfoy being a cry baby
Warner Bros.

9. Well... this was one of the more awkward Harry-Voldemort moments, wasn't it?

Voldemort playing that annoying game of "I'm not touching you" with Harry
Warner Bros.

10. I wish I could forget her creepy little giggle...

Umbridge with a toad-like smile on that's most definitely evil
Warner Bros.

11. Wait... Snape was WHO the entire time?!

Snape looking down at Harry after Harry tried using Sectumsempra on him.
Warner Bros.

12. Now is NOT the time for puns, George.

George pointing to his bloody ear and making a dumb pun
Warner Bros.

13. When McGonagall finally got to whip out the big guns.

McGonagall giddily telling Molly Weasley about her favorite spell
Warner Bros.

14. After all this time?

Snape looking forlornly as he remembers the death of Lily Potter
Warner Bros.

15. We all know how much He Who Must Not Be Named loves to whisper Harry's name.

Voldemort staring at Harry, eager to end him at long last
Warner Bros.

16. Is he...?

Narcissa Malfoy lying to Voldemort about the status of Harry's life
Warner Bros.

17. And finally, Mrs. Weasley shocking the audience when she said a cuss word.

Molly Weasley casting a deadly spell on Bellatrix LeStrange
Warner Bros.

Did you hear all of pictures? Let us know in the comments!

Steam blowing out of Harry's ears
Warner Bros.
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