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    Verne Troyer Proves Size Doesn't Matter, Shoots Really Big Gun

    "One size fits all."

    Verne Troyer recently visited a shooting range with gun expert Richard Ryan. Troyer, who is most famous for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movie series, is 2'8". Here's why he's also a badass:

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    Verne may be a little person, but he wants you to know that doesn’t stop him from doing anything a person of average height can do.

    So why not shoot a BIG-ASS gun? First up, the .22-caliber rifle.

    Woah. Let's look at that again in slo-mo.

    Now for the pistol with just regular .22-caliber bullets.

    Then, Ryan took a bigger gun with a .50 BMG round and DESTROYED the watermelon.

    Looks like it's still tasty at the end of that massive explosion, too.

    Yep, he's still a badass!