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These Transgender Couples' Love Stories Will Give You All The Feels

"It's a beautiful thing to be with the person that gets you."

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In this video, NBC BLK talked to trans people and their partners to hear their stories of how they met, what love is to them and how they overcome adversity.

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Tiq and Kim Milan told NBC BLK they met on Facebook. The couple revealed that they fell in love shortly after they started messaging each other.

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Tiq Milan identifies as a trans man, while Kim said she identifies as “a queer, mixed-race black woman."

Sasha Alexander and Olympia Perez met at an event where Alexander was speaking on the ideas of love for trans people. Alexander said in the video, "It was about bringing together black trans folks."

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Alexander said, "I identify with the pronouns he, she, and they and ask the people to mix it up."

Perez added, "I identify with the pronouns her, she, and they."

Janai and Sean Coleman met at a ball, "but we tell everybody it was a party." Janai said, "I saw Sean and the room stopped."

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She was infatuated by how people were moving out the way for him and she was just in awe.

Just like the other couples, Janai friended Sean on Facebook and the two took off!

Janai continued, "Sean made me believe that all my dreams can come true."

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Sean added, "I don't think you can truly love yourself or others if you don't display a certain amount of vulnerability and she has shown me that."

When it comes to adversity, Milan ended the powerful video with these amazing words:

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“I think for a lot of queer people, we can lose access to our family because of bigotry, because different kinds of violence. So I think it can feel really hard when you’re making a family new and people have these specific ideas of what a family is supposed to look like,” Milan said.


This is the first installment of this special NBCBLK series, from BLKOUT and NBC News.

To learn more about the series that is following stories of LGBTQ persons of color head here.

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