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This Weather-Anchor Used A Stick To Predict The Weather And It's Both Ridiculous And Hilarious

"It's just going straight out."

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CBS SF Bay Area Weather-caster Roberta Gonzales was about to tell the forecast for the day, but had a little something else up her sleeve. She revealed her "Vermont weather stick" and had a ~hard~ time delivering the rest of the forecast.

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CBS SF Bay Area / Via

First the explanation of how "the stick" works. / Via CBS SF Bay Area

She said, in a post on the KPIX website, "a weather stick has always been a part of my life. My mother, of American Indian decent, swore by it. My father, Mexican American, depends on it."

And since today the Bay Area is between weather systems the stick is just sticking straight out.

CBS SF Bay Area / Via

It apparently really works?

Needless to say, she had to call on the other anchors to help her finish her forecast due to extreme giggles.

CBS SF Bay Area / Via

True weather authority!

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