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Watch This Flash Flood Develop, It Has Don't F*ck With Me Written All Over It

Weather is so effing TIGHT, yo!

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David Rankin from rankinstudio captured the most beautiful flash flood in Johnson Canyon, Utah, and it's totally a delight to watch.

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David Rankin told BuzzFeed, "I do this as a hobby because I love it, but people should use caution around flash floods or in areas prone to flash flooding, especially in the Southwest."

Something tells me you don't wanna be caught anywhere near this WALL OF WATER, STICKS, AND OTHER SH*T.

rankinstudio / Via

But somehow this is so beautiful.

The force of water is not to be effed with. Look at that tree stump just being tossed around like NOTHING.

rankinstudio / Via

Rankin has been watching floods for years and has witnessed it ALL.

"I have seen large boulders being tossed down the flood like toys, full-size cottonwood trees float by suspended in the water, cars being pushed down them. Lots of crazy stuff," he told BuzzFeed.


rankinstudio / Via

Yep, and it's actually BEAUTIFUL.


Then, 45 minutes later...

rankinstudio / Via

And here's what the flood did to this nearby street over time:

rankinstudio / Via


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