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This Guy Broke A "Seinfeld" Replica Set While Trying To Impersonate Kramer And It's Perfect

Never saw that coming...

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Hulu recreated the iconic Upper West Side apartment that Jerry Seinfeld called home for nine seasons. Tim McGeever posted a video of his awkward impression of Kramer's abrupt entrances on that very replica set and it's just as perfect.

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Hulu created the pop-up installation to let fans know that every episode of Seinfeld is now available on the streaming service.

Thank goodness it wasn't the ~real~ set.

"It was a mix of anger and laughs amongst the crew. One security guard shouted 'Are you f*cking kidding me?!,' while the employee holding the camera couldn't help but smile," McGeever told BuzzFeed.

"There was a brief panic and they started moving people out of the room. I tiptoed away alongside everyone else," he concluded.