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    This Girl Got Asked To Prom By Her Crush And It Left Her Speechless

    Cue the tears!

    What started out as a supposed fire drill for Tiffany Gay, turned into a prom proposal. Instead of the fire drill, Tiffany was greeted by her crush, Luis Vasquez and the entire school! Luis asked her to prom which left Tiffany speechless!

    Jasmine Monique Vasquez / Via Facebook: jasmine.m.vasquez

    Vasquez had been planning this ALL YEAR!

    First, Tiffany was escorted outside for what she thought was a fire drill.

    She started to catch on to what was really going on and got a little shy.

    Tiffany's teachers were on deck with great moral support for her while her heartthrob crush approached with roses in tow.

    At this point, Tiffany was getting all sorts of feels!

    To the sounds of Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are," Luis escorted her to the next surprise.

    Then it was the BIG REVEAL...the question... and the resounding head nod YES!

    This guy is the best!