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    Jul 30, 2015

    "Kidz Bop" Has Crushed It, But Here's What "Adultz Bop" Would Look Like

    "Thanks to 'Adultz Bop,' my commute to work has become a commute to twerk!"

    Soooo, we've all heard of the highly successful "Kidz Bop," where they take popular songs and turn them into kid-friendly versions... like, for instance, here's "Chicken Noodle Soup":

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    Great, right?

    But what if there was "Adultz Bop"? Yes, you read that right! This group of parents banded together and created "Adultz Bop," safe hip-hop for parents by parents!

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    It will make your commute to work – a commute to TWERK!

    In theory, the hot new mixtape would include REAL LIFE FEELINGS, like, being in love with 'da froyo!


    And another favorite, as parents, they all gotta have love for each other, right?

    These 'rents are onto something...

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    How can we make this happen, for real, tho?