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You Need To Watch This Video If You've Ever Wondered What It Looks Like When A Baby Kicks In The Womb

A family that farts together stays together!

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In this video, Lyndsay Horton is 35-weeks pregnant and her husband, Jacob, makes fart noises on her pregnant belly. Their baby girl has a reaction that is like, "STOP IT RIGHT NOW" ...but mom and dad can't stop laughing.

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Lyndsay Horton / Via

With a due date of June 10th, the Alabama couple plans to name their baby girl Allison Elizabeth Horton.

And here's the first knock-out! LOL.

Lyndsay Horton / Via

Lyndsay tells BuzzFeed, "at first it was funny, but now that I'm 35-weeks and pretty much miserable โ€” I tell my husband not to do it... but he does anyway. And now my toddler tries to do it too, lol." They have another daughter, Rena Fae, who is almost 2-years-old.

She says it doesn't really hurt unless... "she kicks my rib, but it's mainly just weird."

Lyndsay Horton / Via

And just when you think she's figured out Dad's games, she comes back with a vengeance!

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