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This Tree That Can Grow 40 Kinds Of Fruit Will Make You Want To Become A Gardener

Here are the fruits of his labor.

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Artist and professor at Syracuse University, Sam Van Aken, uses "chip grafting" to create a tree that grows 40 different kinds of stone fruits.

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The idea came from Van Aken's early fascination with grafting. "When I had seen it done as a child, it was Dr. Seuss and Frankenstein," Van Aken told National Geographic.

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He traveled around New York to find different varieties of stone fruit for the tree over the past several years.

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Each fruit blossoms on the tree at different times. He told National Geographic, "For each of the trees I keep a map, or essentially, a diagram of the tree."

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After the "working tree" gets its three years of growth, he will graft onto those limbs. He slices part of the branch off and then wraps clear plastic to mold the new branch onto the old one, like magic!

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"Four branches become eight. The next year, eight become 16... 16 become 32. It's essentially an 8 to 9-year process," he said in the video.

In the spring, the tree starts blossoming into a beautiful creation. Then, in the summer, the tree bears fruits in sequence. The hard work and time pays off with a beautiful and diverse harvest.

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Nature is SO COOL.

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