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There’s A Japanese Game Show Where Contestants Try To Blow A Cockroach Into Each Other’s Mouths

This game is a whole lot of NOPE.

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AKBingo! is a Japanese variety show starring the Japanese idol girl group AKB48 and hosted by the comedic duo Bad Boys. The show is filled with pranks, bizarre competitions, and battles — like this one involving a cockroach.

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The contestants start by putting their mouths up to this see-through pipe. See-through, of course, so we can watch the roach going back and forth as they blow it at each other.

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OMG!!!! Look how close that roach gets to her mouth.

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Are you grossed out yet?

After a few more seconds of intense cockroach blowing, the inevitable happens.

AKBingo! / Via

Just when you thought you'd seen it all.

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