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You've Been Making Bacon Burgers Wrong Your Whole Life


Just in time for grilling season, The BBQ Pit Boys are serving up some ~serious~ barbecue realness with these stuffed burgers.

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Are you hungry yet?

First things first... you need your favorite beer in can form (don't drink it just yet, it doesn't work with empty cans), ground chuck beef, toppings, a grill, and a BIG ass appetite!

Get started by forming the ground chuck beef into 1/2- to 3/4-pound meatballs, like so...

Pretty easy so far, right?

Next, get your beer cans out and smash them right in the center. The excess meat will squeeze out from the bottom. Just work it around the can like he’s doing here:

Then, once all the meat is around the can — line it with a layer of bacon. Mmmmmmmmm, BACON!!!!!!!!!

Isn't that fabulous?

Next, The BBQ Pit Boys recommend using a dishtowel to get some grip on the can and work it out of the center of the bacon-wrapped meatball. It may take a bit of maneuvering.

Oh and here are all the toppings just chillin' on the grill getting all savory and sh*t. This is going to be your stuffing, so stir it around and make sure it's cooking evenly and what not.

Now, stuff those bad boys to the brim and get it poppin'.


You can also add cheese. It looks so damn delicious...

After your burgers are loaded up, they are ready to grill. Place the burgers on an in-direct, medium heat that's at about 300 degrees fahrenheit and cover for about an hour.

It's about to go DOWN!

After an hour, the result is just divine and ready to be DEVOURED.

Are you ready to grub yet?

They can be served in a bed of mashed potatoes with your extra toppings or on a bun. And of course, you're gonna wanna finish off all that extra beer!