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    Watch What Happened When This Fast Food Worker Fed A Disabled Customer

    "The joy you get out of simply being kind is priceless.”

    While working at the Qdoba in Louisville, Kentucky, Ridge Quarles always helped a repeat customer who was disabled. But after over five years of helping her, another customer took notice, and decided to captured the act of kindness on video.

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    The 23-year-old had been working at the fast-food chain while he attended college and completed internships. He's now working full time at a marketing agency in Louisville.

    Quarles told BuzzFeed, "It was no different than any other day on the job. Like always, she was dropped off by the TARC bus that transports the handicapped...and came in to order her usual."

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    He said, "She's been coming in here for the five-and-a-half-years I've been working here. The first time she visited, she boldly asked me if I could help her eat after I had found her table and got her a drink. I simply responded, 'Of course!'"

    Quarles stepped up to the plate and fed her. Dr. David Jones, a fellow customer who recently witnessed the moment, pulled out his phone and recorded it.

    Dr. David Jones

    Quarles said, "Helping someone is something I would do for anyone."

    No good deed goes unnoticed: The video of Quarles and the customer has been trending all day. But he explained he didn’t do it for the recognition: “I enjoy helping others,” he said. “The joy you get out of simply being kind is priceless.”

    Dr. David Jones

    And Dr. Jones said, "If everybody in the world would just use the little, simple gift they have, to benefit somebody else, just think what the world would be like."

    Ridge Quarles wins EVERYTHING!