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    Meet The Bruffin - Its The New Cronut.

    You're all going to be eating them soon.

    Look how cute these are...


    The Bruffin is so cute - its a meal in a muffin. YAS!!!!??? or are we not feeling this new food trend? According to the creator, Michael Bagley has told ABC News the muffin-shaped croissant will start shipping worldwide on Jan. 21. Its a pastry hybrid with a light and airy crust filled with all sorts of goodies that originally kicked off in New York City.

    You can even get an American themed one...


    You'll never guess the flavor! Of course its stuffed with buffalo chicken. I'll take 10. could go all French on it with this:


    The French Bruffin has bacon, Gruyere cheese and Brie.

    Or go gay?


    But, I doubt gays would agree with the 450 calories packed in that morsel.

    I meannnnn these will be all the rage at your next morning meeting!


    Get into it. Made in NYC.

    They even have dessert bruffins...

    Hell, even Wendy Williams approves

    How you doin?