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Here's Why Your Breath Stinks And How You Can Fix It

Because no one likes a smelly mouth. PERIOD.

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In this video, Lifehacker discovers why your breath is smelly and how you can prevent it.

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We've all been that person, talking to a new guy or girl and...

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...something just doesn't smell right:

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According to Lifehacker, the reason for that undesirable funk, aka halitosis, is that you're not drinking enough water, or you've been sleeping or traveling.

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During lack of hydration and downtime your body slows down the production of saliva. Saliva is needed to keep the mouth moist and smelling fresh.

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To find all the tips Lifehacker recommends to keep your breath fresh, watch the full video.

Stay fresh out there, folks!

We reached out to Lifehacker, and at their request, have updated the post to include fewer GIFs, and have moved the video to the top of the post.

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