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A Weatherman Tried So Damn Hard To Keep His Cool During A 4.0 Earthquake

"This is a good one!"

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KTVU meteorologist Steve Paulson was reporting the weather forecast when a 4.0 earthquake struck Monday morning. Needless to say, his reaction was very telling of the shaky ground below him. / Via

The earthquake was reported Monday morning in Piedmont, California, near Oakland, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Paulson was just going on about the forecast for the day, like he does every morning in Northern California for KTVU-FOX 2.

KTVU / Via

Until the earth started movin'.

KTVU / Via

And apparently Paulson was feelin' it REAL GOOD.

KTVU / Via

The internet quickly took notice...

This is so good! He did good didnt even cuss OAKLAND: KTVU's Steve Paulson feels the 4.0 Piedmont earthquake - KTVU -

#KTVU's Steve Paulson's #earthquake reaction makes it look like he just shat his pants.

@GasiaKTVU Barely felt the #earthquake in Daly City. Surprised it was 4.2. Steve Paulson's reaction scared me more lol

*4.0, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The TV station even had some fun with it, and shared this hilarious meme on Instagram shortly after the internet went wild.

Check out the full reaction below:

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