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American Kids Tried Lunches From Around The World And Their Reactions Were Out Of Control

"I am out of here... Straight to the toilet."

Cut Video assembled a bunch of American kiddos to try traditional school lunches around the world. Their reactions were adorably hilarious.

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Cut Video / Via youtube.com

First up, the kids tasted a traditional Indian lunch. The chaas (a yogurt-based drink) got some seriously awesome gestures out of the kids.

Uh oh, this isn't off to a good start.


And in France, wine is traditionally served with a lot of meals. So why not school lunches?

Overall, though...the French lunch was on FLEEK!

Next up was Cuba, and it clearly struck a chord with this hilarious little dude.

But you can't please them all...

And when it comes to Taro...

On to the typical Kenyan lunch where things got REAL honest with this little fella.

But this young lady was alllllll about it and ~clearly~ wanted more.

Lastly, Afghanistan got the most interesting responses.

But this kiddo was VERY fascinated by the amount of calories that could fit in such a tiny block.

All in all, the kids were very intrigued and were very opinionated about the food. This one, in particular, was the MVP... for obvious reasons.