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This Woman Tested Her White Privilege And Tried To Get Arrested In Los Angeles

"I'm selling my antidepressants!"

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In this video, comedian Jessie Kahnweiler and co-producer Samson Crouppen test the limits to see whether or not Jessie's self-proclaimed "white privilege" could prevent her from getting arrested.

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Kahnweiler told BuzzFeed they made the video "to explore and expose my own white privilege."

She continued, "I found myself, as a white Jewy liberal, pretending like all the horrific stuff that's happening is none of my business. But hating racism on Facebook isn't enough. It's not an excuse to sit on my ass."


The cops were like NOPE, but they didn't arrest her.

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Kahnweiler told BuzzFeed, "We had no idea what was going to happen. But I quickly apologized, called myself a dumbass, and ran my ass back to Silver Lake to get a kale smoothie."

Once all that happened and Kahnweiler got away with it all, this woman had this thought:

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To that point, Kahnweiler added, "There's obviously a much larger story here, but it was a really eye-opening experience."

She continued, "As a white Jewy liberal, I understand that I will NEVER EVER EVER understand what it's like to be black in America, but this video is my attempt to challenge my own privilege and hit on the mayor."