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    This Story Of A 5-Year-Old Transgender Boy Will Give You All Sorts Of Feels

    "I love him, and I always will. Because he's my son."

    5 years ago, Mimi and Joe Lemay brought their new baby Mia home from the hospital. By age 2, Mia was insisting on being referred to as a boy. After initially hoping that their child's insistence would go away, they are now happily raising him as Jacob.

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    "Transgender children as young as 5-years-old respond to psychological gender-association tests just as consistently as children who do not identify as trans," according to a study released by researchers at the University of Washington.

    Mimi and Joe first saw their child rejecting feminine behaviors when refusing to wear typical girl clothing, instead opting to wear this doggy sweater for months at a time.

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    The toddler also played with trains, boy bikes, and other toys traditionally prescribed for boys. The parents thought, "it seems like we have a tom-boy on our hands."

    The parents told NBC Nightly News, "her need to play more boy roles, her need to be seen and spoken to as a boy at home became more persistent and very consistent."

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    Mimi said, "those are the hallmarks of a possibly transgender child: consistence, persistence, and insistence." Many studies replicate that observation, including the first report from a study, Gender Cognition in Transgender Children, in Psychological Science. “The data reported in this paper should serve as further evidence that transgender children do indeed exist and that this identity is a deeply held one.”

    At first, Mimi was "confused and concerned, and wished this obsession would go away." But a near tragic car accident shook her to the core, and she decided that it was time to let her child live as Jacob.

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    Then, the parents were introduced to a viral video featuring Ryland Wiittington. The parents saw how happy Ryland was and decided to show Jacob the video.

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    After watching the video, Jacob worried that he couldn't live his new identity at his current school. His parents asked him, "What if we take you to another school and everyone will know you as a boy from the beginning?" He agreed, saying, "I want to be a boy always. I want to be a boy named Jacob."

    Before the transition, his parents said, "He didn't smile a lot." But quickly after they began the transition, Jacob's true personality began to SHINE!

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    Be you, Jacob!