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This Is What A Doughnut Looks Like In Space

Like, NBD.

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Just when you thought you've heard it all. These people in Askim, Norway decided to launch a doughnut into space and a camera captured it all! And the doughnut sorta made it back to earth.

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Stratoyls / Via

They claim it's the first doughnut in space. BuzzFeed has not confirmed this claim.

First, they inflated a weather balloon and attached a doughnut to it and let it go!

Stratoyls / Via

Homer would be pissed.

Before long, the doughnut was high above earth and capturing stunning views of Norway.

Stratoyls / Via

Then, it was pretty much in f*ckin' space!

Stratoyls / Via

According to the description in the video, to the edge of space (32km).

Then, the balloon popped and it started it's descent back down to the ground.

Stratoyls / Via


Look how bad-ass this plane is on the way going down..

Stratoyls / Via


Stratoyls / Via

By the time they got to the doughnut in the water, it didn't make it.

Stratoyls / Via

Womp, womp. Next time?

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