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Grandmas Went For The Ride Of Their Lives In A Lamborghini At Speeds Of 165 MPH

"Hold on to your weaves!"

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Have you ever ridden at speeds of 165 mph? Nope. Nope. And nope. This guy took a group of grandmas on the ride of their lives in a fast AF Lamborghini and ~literally~ fulfilled their lifelong dreams.

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They did not even step foot in the car yet, but already started gasping for air.

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Get ready ladies. Things are about to get a little cray.


When the driver put the pedal to the metal, this lady called upon God to help her out during such tense times.

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And this woman just thought she won an Oscar or something.

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By this point, pretty sure she was OVER IT DOT ORG.

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And this sassy gal was having too much fun. So much so, she wanted everyone out of their way. LOL.

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Checking back in on this grandma...

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Yep, still OVER IT.

All in all, the ladies had the time of their lives and clearly had the need for speed flowing through their blood streams.

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Go for your dreams, kids!

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