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Here's What Happens To Gay Guys When Straight People Aren't Present

♫ Let's have a kiki!♫

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Whether it's at work, in the hall, walking down the street...or whateva, when one gay spots another gay it can be quite a scene! But as this video shows, the real scene comes when there isn't a straight person around.

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Nothing is off-limits!

First things first... it's like a silent "HEY GIRL HEY!" and then a kiki ensues.

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Then, it's like a big ass dusting of glitter just falls from the sky and takes the f*ck over.

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Pose-offs are very common as well.

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Imaginations become endless.

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Yep, there's no coat hanger there.

It's like the gays have their own language or something?

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All of that... just for brunch.

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Sh*t, now the secret is out!