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Here's An Eye-Opening Video That May Open Your Eyes To The World Around You

"Humans are awesome. We should interact with each other. Love to me is the most powerful way of telling that story."

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We've all been waiting for a train or even just waiting for any sort of transportation, but not paying attention to our surroundings. This beautiful video from 26-year-old storyteller Max Stossel aims at, hopefully, opening your eyes...

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Stossel's story revolves around a couple falling in love after taking a moment to appreciate their surroundings around them.

He told BuzzFeed, "It's about being truly present and breaking free from the restrictions of routine. Subway cars are metal boxes filled with humans."

Stossel narrated in the video, "What we don't see is the tragedy at play... as the love of each of our lives is standing just an arm-length's away."

Max Stossel / Via

He explained to BuzzFeed, "Humans are awesome. We should interact with each other. Love to me is the most powerful way of telling that story."

"If we would only turn and face each other, we might catch eyes and to our surprise, the anguish of waiting might subside. We might not be so terrified of being late to work this time. Our jobs that make us sigh and cry, we might stop and reanalyze."

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"Let's just dance... Let's break the norm... Let's fall into each other's arms and dance across the whole platform."

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But how will this translate to New Yorkers? Hell, how will it translate to anyone? Who wants to pay attention to anyone anymore?

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Stossel explained to BuzzFeed, "I think this is somewhere deep in every New Yorker's mind, some closer to the surface than others. That said, it's uncomfortable to act upon, but so rewarding when we do. I hope this video will inspire us to look at not just the Subway, but our daily routines differently."

So, next time you're in the subway, waiting for a bus, waiting for a friend, in a taxi — pay attention...

Max Stossel / Via

... You never know what's in store!

Featuring: Ryan Weiss (@wakingupwithryan), Rachel I. Berman (@rachelib); Director: Matt Freidell; and Choreographer: Celia Rowlson-Hall (@Celiarowlsonhal)

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