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Watch This Very Cute 3-Year-Old Do The Haka Dance For His Nana's Birthday

Introducing the new mascot for the All Blacks rugby team.

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Three-year-old Levi, from Auckland, New Zealand, has loved the Haka dance since he was born! The New Zealand dance is widely used to show respect for special occasions and during sporting events. Levi’s version for his Great Nana’s birthday was FLAWLESS.

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Levi's World! / Via

That's how you celebrate 81!

First, Levi started with a SUPER CALM greeting to his Great Nana.

Levi's World! / Via

Very sweet. But don't be fooled!!!!!

Levi's mom told BuzzFeed, "He just loves and is passionate about Haka. He seriously would do a Haka all the time if he could." With that said, here's LITERAL TRUTH:

Levi's World / Via


Levi's World! / Via


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