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Watch This Video If You've Ever Wondered How Fast Religion Has Spread Throughout The World

Word sure can travel fast!

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Business Insider posted this video showing how Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have spread over the last few thousand years. It's truly remarkable to see how these religions have spread across the globe.

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In the beginning of the video and around 3000 BCE, Hinduism took root in the Indus River Valley near India.

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According to the video, around 1000 BCE, the Israelites conquered Canaan.

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Jumping ahead to 1000 CE and look how Islam quickly spread all over The Middle East.

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Then, fast forward to 2000 CE when The Partition of Africa began.

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And the video shows you how Christianity has dominated much of North and South America.

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Check out the Business Insider video for the full ~very impressive~ montage.

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