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    This Is Why You Don't Fuck With A Crocodile


    Crocs in Australia are, like, no joke! National Geographic photographer Trevor Frost and filmmaker Melissa Lesh captured saltwater crocodiles like we've never seen them before. In this video, they take you inside a croc's mouth.

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    The photographers had a total of nine successful croc strikes!

    Frost and Lesh had a team of folks prepare these specially made boats, with Go Pro cameras attached to them, to get up close and personal with these prehistoric beasts.

    Then it was time for ACTION. Look at those teeth.

    National Geographic / Via

    Not to be fucked with.

    And this one... Look at that angle, and talk about a good grip.

    National Geographic / Via

    This particular croc bit the camera and took it underwater as if it were real prey.

    National Geographic / Via

    And this one really went for it. Damn, you can see the roof of its mouth after that big strike.

    National Geographic / Via

    This one appeared to damn near break the contraption in half.

    National Geographic / Via

    Pretty sure this made you miss Steve Irwin.

    The Crocodile Hunter / Via

    G'day, mate!