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This Guy Quit His Job So He Could Traveled The World Giving Out High Fives, Because YOLO

What an epic way to say, "F*ck it, I'm out!"

Twenty-six-year-old Craig Lewis, aka Lewie, was working as a marketing manager in Atlanta, until he decided he had had enough of the corporate world. After three years of saving money, he quit to travel the world... and it was beyond EPIC!

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His truly amazing journey took a little over a year. “I got the travel bug from small trips through university with mates and needed to go explore," Lewis told BuzzFeed. “I worked my ass off for three years and saved a lot, enough to put a mortgage on a house, but I decided that was too conventional — I want to see the world!”

Lewie took on the world after quitting his job. He bought an around-the-world ticket with eight stops. He told BuzzFeed he "pretty much winged it through each section of the world."

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And he did all that traveling while giving people high-fives along the way.

He thought of the high-five concept in Norway. He told BuzzFeed, "I showed a bloke another video I’m working on from the trip and we spoke about other creative methods that he’d seen and we developed this one!"

He kicked things off by jumping off the world's tallest bridge in Millau, France. ALL BY HIMSELF!

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And BASE jumped again, this time in Verrières, France.

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He had the most epic safari in Tanzania, and jumped in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia.

Craig Lewis

Lewie told BuzzFeed that one of the craziest stories of his trip happened while he was in South Africa: “At night, I got stranded, in a random town, by myself, in an African slum outside of Cape Town — with no phone.”

As if he hadn't already reached epic proportions of ballsy-ness, he even swam with SHARKS!

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But it wasn’t just all fun and games in Africa — he also took time out to volunteer.

When BuzzFeed asked him what he learned the most from all of this, he said, "I’ve learned there are amazing people in this world, and that no place is ever as bad as anyone says it is."

Continuing his epic journey through our world, he left us all speechless with this selfie.

He topped it all off with a little partying in Hawaii, Belgium, and Australia.

Craig Lewis / Via

Lewie said, "I pretty much met all of the people along the way. I had a mate with me for about seven months of the trip, and the rest just new friends I met at hostels, couchsurfing, or friends of friends!"

What a life experience!!!!!!!!

Lewie is from Australia, but now he's in New York City figuring out what's next.

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Live your dream, people!

See more of his travels on his Instagram.