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    A Man Walks For The First Time After Years Of Paralysis And It's Incredibly Inspiring

    Miracles DO happen.

    This man with paraplegia was able to finally walk again with the help of doctors and technology, and it's truly an amazing sight.

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    Minds of Malady / Via

    He was unable to walk due to a spinal cord injury (SCI) according to this study. "This study represents the first demonstration of an individual with paraplegia due to SCI purposefully operating a noninvasive BCI-FES system for overground walking in real time," the study said.

    First things first, quick instructions on what to do to get things moving again.

    Minds of Malady / Via

    From the YouTube description, "The participant follows verbal cues from the experimenter, and utilizes attempted walking to perform BCI-FES mediated walking towards the next cone in the course."

    Next step, it was time to start walking!

    Minds of Malady / Via

    The overall goal was to remain still "and dwell until instructed to start walking towards the next cone."

    The patient seemed to get the hang of this whole walking thing really quickly.

    Minds of Malady / Via

    Truly an awesome feat.

    And before long the man completed the course.

    Minds of Malady / Via

    "The participant initially operated the system while being completely suspended, and subsequently translated this skill to an overground walking condition. He achieved a high level of control and maintained this level of performance during a 19-week period. These results provide a proof-of-concept for direct brain control of a lower extremity prosthesis to restore basic overground walking after paraplegia due to SCI."

    ~SO Inspiring~