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    A Couple Rode Into Their Wedding Reception On Unicorn Jet Skis Like Bosses

    Real talk... this is #WeddingGoals.

    Meet newlyweds Michael Buchanan and his partner Jason Gilbert.

    The two handsome grooms were recently married along Michigan’s Lake Allegan with 80 of their closest family members and friends.

    With a very moving ceremony behind them, the couple wasn't done...

    ... It was their arrival to the reception that SLAYED everyone.

    Buchanan told BuzzFeed, "The entrance was actually the brainchild of my friend. He thought, 'big gay wedding?' We should decorate the jet skis as unicorns. We found inflatable unicorn busts online and viola."

    And boy, did they make an entrance, with every loud reactions from "werqqqqqq" to "yassssss."

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    "We just hoped that it would be as fun for our guests as it was for us," he said.


    Talk about ~TRUE~ #WeddingGoals.

    Congrats, boys! 👬

    In the fabulous words of mother Ru...

    h/t Logo TV