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    Jan 8, 2015

    28 Men In Speedo's That Will Help You Feel Warm

    Because, mother nature SUCKS right now!

    1. YUM

    2. Lebron???


    I'll take it!

    3. Get out of that fridge...


    ...and into my bed to warm me up!

    4. Into IT!

    5. Israeli HOTNESS!

    6. OMG!

    7. Arm wrestling anyone?

    8. Ummm I'm free tnight.

    9. He's killing me right now...

    10. He is just wrong for this....

    11. Stretchhhhhhh it out honeyyyy THIS COLD SUCKS!

    12. Sizzling & SNATCHED!

    13. Have a seat with this one...

    14. And if this is your thing...



    15. WOAH!

    16. You can go diving with this guy...

    17. GTFOH!

    18. 4th of July is coming....oh wait?

    19. I'd give up life to be there right now....

    20. ....Ummm yasssss!

    21. You could do this...

    22. Bonaroo is weeks away...

    23. Lean back...

    24. YES PLEASE!

    25. My head hurts staring at this, but IDGAF I wanna be there!

    26. Packing my bags

    27. Just why?

    28. Sir, I'm drowning...