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21 Things You MUST EAT In New Orleans

Its one of the oldest cities in America with some of the best cuisine in the world! Told by a resident Louisianian.

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1. The Beignet

The first thing you MUST do...Goes without saying, get your ass to Cafe Du Monde! Don't get caught without going, you'll be sad.

4. Brunch at Arnaud's

Via Facebook:

They have one of the best brunches in town and its a MUST try!

5. Fried Shrimp, Eggs Benedict and Grits - Sign me up!

Yelp User Deanna D. / Via

Anything that looks like that in front of you shall be devoured - get this here at the Olde Coffee Pot. One of my faves. They also have a MEAN gumbo and the staff is exceptionally adorable.

8. This chicken sandwich...

Chick Fil A who? Get this delecacy at Toups Meatery. My mouth is on the floor.

9. This isn't food, but its necessary - you're in NOLA!

Its a hand grenade. You need one... or two....or three....But, stop there! Drink responsibly. Get 'em here!

15. All this shit....

Yeah, just a lot of flavor. I'll take it all at Coop's.

18. Pair any of your eats with Abita beer because its necessary!

...and DAMN good craft beer, locally brewed.