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    Posted on Jan 30, 2015

    17 Times Britney Spears Chewed Gum Better Than You

    Lolz. Chew-ney, she kills me.

    1. The uhm chew.

    2. Brunett-ney with a big wad


    3. The day Brit thought blue matched with pink...

    4. Zero fucks given.


    Where you goin' girl?

    5. I don't even know..

    6. Or here?

    7. Just glorious

    8. WOW!

    9. Pink-ney.

    10. She refuses to let it go...

    11. What was she doing on "Crossfire"?



    14. Vintage chewing.

    15. Rising chew.

    16. Biting nails and gum?


    17. Hmmph.

    When she's not chewing gum....