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Watch 100 Years Of Women's Lingerie In Three Minutes

From the 1920s to now, how lingerie has changed with the times.

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In this video, Mode takes you through 100 years of how fabulous women's lingerie has adapted to the times.

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Mode kicked things off with the "demurely natural" year of 1915.

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Very simple and chic.

Skipping ahead to 1945, things got a little feathery and pointed.

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Ain't nothin' wrong with a little feather fan, honey! WERK!

And in 1975, it was all about the long, silky, sexy slips.

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In the mid '90s, the look was all about garters, lace, and high stockings.

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Wrapping things up, according to Mode, ladies in 2015 are rockin' this lovely romper look.

Mode / Via

What's your favorite look? Comment below...

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