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Posted on Oct 14, 2015

Here's A Look At 100 Years Of Halloween Costumes

From paper mache to the Kardashians.

Mode continues to crush it with their 100 years of fashion series. This installment takes a look at a century's worth of Halloween fashions.

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Mode / Via

In 1915, people were all about handmade paper mache masks with very expressive painted faces.

10 years later, this basic witch flew in on her broom to corrupt the masses with her ghoulish ways.

And Disney characters, like this Minnie Mouse, took aim at the 1930s.

While the '50s took on a Wild Wild West approach. Pow! Pow!

Not only were the '70s about peace signs and disco dancing, Raggedy Ann was often a fixture at Halloween costume parties during that groovy time, too.

In the mid-'80s, gals donned toga ensembles and twirled to the left with their side ponyies.

In 2005, everyone wanted to be like the legendary QUEEN OF POP, Britney Spears.

Mode / Via

Hell, who wouldn't want to be like B.S.?

And now, as we sit in this glorious year of 2015... Mode has predicted that this Kim Kardashian pose will be all the rage!

Mode / Via

Hey, at least there's champagne involved!