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What It Actually Feels Like To Get Slimed

Never got the chance to get smothered in that glorious goop as a kid? Well, here’s your chance to find out what it’s like! Don't miss the slime surprises at this year's Kids' Choice Awards, March 28th at 8/7c on Nickelodeon.

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We asked four people to tell us their slime stories...

The chosen ones are:

Kariel (25) from Auburn, NH

Alex (26) from Raleigh, NC

Omri (25) from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Megan (23) from Arlington, TX

Where were you?

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Kariel: Universal Studios in Orlando.

Megan: Universal Studios in Orlando. Nickelodeon taped the shows at the park and I was an audience member on Figure It Out.

Alex: Universal Studios in Orlando.

Omri: Slime Time Live in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios.

Did you volunteer or were you selected?

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Kariel: Totally raised my hand. I was super excited that they chose me.

Megan: I was volunteered by my very proud grandmother.

Alex: Both! I was in a huge crowd, and they asked for volunteers to be slimed. I just remember emphatically raising my hand and somehow being selected out of hundreds of kids.

Omri: Hundreds of kids submitted to be on the STL teams in a lottery, and they pulled our names out of a giant hat one by one. I was there with my two friends who have the best luck with these sorts of things. I turned to them and said, "Watch, you'll both get picked, and I'll be in the audience." My name was the first name called.

What did you do or say that actually got you slimed?

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Alex: Pretty sure I was in so much shock that I'd been selected to be slimed that I didn't say a single word.

Megan: I answered a question correctly. Kids love being covered in sticky stuff.

Omri: I won a stationary bicycle challenge. You had to bike a certain distance against a member of the other team. The person who got to the "destination" first made the slime bucket hanging above them tip, and therefore got slimed.

How did you feel leading up to the sliming?

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Kariel: They brought me backstage with my mom, and they gave me another outfit to change into. THEN I got to go into a mini inflatable pool where the actual sliming happened.

Megan: There wasn't any guarantee that I'd be getting slimed — although, in retrospect, the XXXL T-shirt they made me put on should have been a dead giveaway.

Alex: It was all a bit surreal, honestly! Granted, it was about 20 years ago, but looking back, I still remember it as a whirlwind of excitement.

Omri: Oh man, I was so nervous. We had to play all these incredible embarrassing (more incredible than embarrassing) games to win prizes. There was one kid on my team who decided that he was the best at every game (he was obviously the worst). We lost because of him.

What does it smell like?

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Kariel: I don't think there was much of a smell, come to think of it.

Alex: It's actually a pretty non-offensive substance. I don't remember it having a very particular smell, even though it does look like cartoon toxic waste.

Megan: I was really worried about accidentally breathing slime up into my brain (kid logic), so I held my nose.

Omri: Green. Seriously, that's what green smells like.

What does it taste like?

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Kariel: I can tell you that it did NOT taste like boogers.

Megan: I remember it tasting like flour or starch? Not something you'd want to take a big bite of.

Alex: Was I supposed to eat it?!

Omri: Applesauce.

Is it sticky? What did it feel like?

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Kariel: It was thicker than I thought, and incredibly goopy.

Alex: Not at all! I remember it feeling pretty smooth.

Megan: The slime is shockingly cold.

Omri: I don't remember it being sticky.

Describe the cleanup process.

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Megan: I cleaned up in a splash-water ride after the show. I had a fast pass —thanks, Grandma!

Alex: Pre-slime time, they dumped green scraps of paper all over me, claiming they meant to slime me, but forgot to add water to the slime. I remember my mom complaining that the paper was the hardest thing to get out of my hair! The slime itself was easy breezy to get off.

Omri: We got to rinse off afterwards, but I still found slime in nooks and crannies throughout the day on the rides at Universal.

What do you think it’s made of?

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Kariel: I think it was probably just some sort of baking powder water and green food dye or something, lol.

Megan: Oatmeal, yogurt, food coloring, flour?

Alex: Has to be a magical potion. Not sure how else it could be that fluorescent color, that consistency, and still not be smelly or sticky.

Omri: I don't think it's made of anything. I think there's an endless source of it in the Universal parks that also powers all the rides and serves as a swimming pool for those giant Florida lizards (aka dragons) only people from Florida don't find weird.

Was it worth it?

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Megan: "Wha-wha-wha-wha-what would you do?" Yes, it was totally worth it.

Alex: Haha yes! Being slimed has become my perfect fun fact for the game Two Truths and a Lie since so few people have had the honor. And, they did let me shower and change after!

Omri: I'm still talking about it, so obviously it was worth it. It's been my "fun fact" on the first day of class and work for the rest of my life.

Did you find slime on yourself days after?

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Megan: No, but my mom made me sleep on a towel for weeks just to make sure I didn't get green gunk anywhere.

Alex: No! It washed off as easily as shampoo. Although the green scraps of paper stuck around for quite a while.

Omri: Yes.

Did you get major cool points when you went back to school and shared your sliming story?

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Megan: In a time before DVR, there was no way for me to "prove it." And I struggled in the friendship department anyway. I mean, I went to a theme park with my grandma...BUT LOOK AT ME NOW, BULLIES!

Alex: I was homeschooled, so all of my classmates saw me get slimed. :-) And yes, I rubbed it in their face for weeks.

Omri: Absolutely. I went to school in FL, so you'd be surprised how many of my classmates have also been slimed. But it's almost like an exclusive members-only club.

Would you do it again as an adult?

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Megan: Yes. I heard the secret slime recipe is pudding now, and that sounds delicious.

Alex: Heck yes!! I was hoping that answering these questions would fast track me to my next big sliming opportunity? [Editor's note: Err, sorry to disappoint you, Alex!]

Omri: 100%! My dream would be to return to Slime Time Live for like a Slime Time Live All-Stars season (not that I proved to be an all-star at the time). Can we get Summer Sanders to host? And let's bring back TRL while we're at it.

Mark your calendars now, and don't miss your chance to see Nick Jonas and tons of other celebs get slimed on the Kids' Choice Awards, March 28th at 8/7c on Nickelodeon!

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