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    • nickc37

      Gotta love the “transparent” contradiction: “Purchasing a Job Seeker Premium Subscription doesn’t influence in any way where a prospect appears in search a recruiter conducts on LinkedIn.” Then, “So, if you (Job Seeker Premium subscriber) and I (a free LinkedIn member) apply for a job at LinkedIn via JYMBII, when the recruiter viewed the list of applicants who applied, you’d appear above me.” What’s hard to understand? A payment yields higher placement for the person paying. Does it really matter whether it’s in the applicant database as opposed to the “searched” database? Translation: “We’re taking money for higher placement in the listings, but we’re not hiding it, so it’s cool, don’t worry about it.” Like Richard Tomkins said in my original column when he was subjected to this: “If your name is at the top of the list only because you paid for it, that puts you in the same league as Lance Armstrong.”

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