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    19 Ways Roger From "American Dad" Understands Your Relationship With Food

    No one truly understands us like a drunk amoral alien.

    1. Food is more important than just about everything.

    2. But it's troubling that it takes effort to get it in your mouth.

    3. And that is upsetting.

    4. So you might as well have another.

    5. It's so good you just want to share it with others.

    6. Whether they join or not, you deserve a reward for trying.

    7. But sometimes food can turn on you.

    8. So in a brief moment of panic you try to be healthy.

    9. When that that goes wrong you always have a backup plan.

    10. That's when its time to hit the bar.

    11. That first drink is always the best.

    12. But things can spiral out of control quickly.

    13. Then you start to realize you do bad things when you are drunk.

    14. But you can always rely on being cute to get you out of it.

    15. But eventually you start to get emotional.

    16. That's when your friends know its time to get you home.

    17. Recovering the next day is always a chore.

    18. That is... until you get invited to brunch.

    19. Roger, you truly are the hero we deserve.