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17 Times Tumblr Proved It Was The Best History Teacher

History is incredibly strange, and so is Tumblr.

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1. It knows how to put history into perspective.

2. It lets you know how the USA was really formed.

3. It will make you jealous of people from history.

4. It can make you really uncomfortable about certain facts.

5. It reminded you that sometimes history is as interesting as you would hope.

6. It showed that that not much has changed in terms of how people party.

7. It made sure you will never look at an art museum the same way again.

8. It has helped you unravel historic conspiracies.


9. It reminded you that there have been so many ridiculous wars throughout the course of human history.

10. It taught you that things you think are cute are actually horrifying.


11. It taught you that some countries go through growing phases.

12. Tumblr taught you that we all think about tyrants the same way.


13. It lets you know what historical figures are really like.

14. It knows sometimes history is very simple.


15. It taught you that there is always a need for Maury Povich.

16. Tumblr taught you that history jokes are everywhere.

17. It lets you know that history is always watching out for you.

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