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21 Important Lessons "American Dad" Taught You About Family

America's favorite family has a lot of wisdom to give.

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1. It's important to remember where you came from.

2. Your parents sacrificed a lot to have a family.

3. They might not have been the best.

4. But they did their best.

5. They will embarrass you.

6. They will fight.

7. They may not be the smartest.

8. They may be ungrateful.

9. They will play favorites


Even is they don't admit it

10. They have lied to you.

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Often for your own good.

11. They have made fun of you.

12. But they have stood up for you.

13. They've helped you through rough times.

14. They have been there to celebrate with you.

15. They care about your education.

16. And they have taught you themselves.

17. And rewarded you when you've done well.

18. They do a lot of stuff you don't want to do.

19. They've been there for you after breakups.

20. And they accepted you for who you are.

21. And most importantly, they're yours.

And you wouldn't change it.

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