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13 Things People Who Work Weird Hours Understand

It makes you feel like the odd man out in the office and with your friends, but it does have its benefits.

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1. You are often in the office alone.

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2. No one is there when you need help.

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3. Work always seems to come in when you are the only one there to do it.

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4. Your eating schedule is super weird.

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5. You can never go to lunch with your work friends.

6. People always seem to schedule meetings during your lunchtime.

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7. People always ask for you to do stuff when you are not on the clock.

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8. People tend to judge your sleep schedule.

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9. Your friends keep inviting you to things when you are working.

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10. Parking when you arrive to work is a nightmare.

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Because everyone is usually already there before you.

11. But traffic is nonexistent when it's time for you to go home.

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12. You get to work in peace and quiet.

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13. And no one is there to yell at you for surfing the internet.


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